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    heateus meme → 1/3 locations
    ↪ Hannibal’s office

    my skin has turned to porcelain to ivory to s t e e l.


    I think in general every actor is looking for that little space of getting lost. We always look to be in control of what we’re doing and at the same time letting go and getting lost in whatever situation it is. And when we do that we feel free and we feel like the character is on its move and we’re standing right behind, guiding it. There are a couple of times when I’ve lost track and I was like, “What the fuck happened in that scene?” but it wasn’t bad; it was something new I had to get used to.



    This is Mads receiving and seeing my art for the first time. I gave him many pieces, plus my ARTBOOK, which he loved! But to see this moment - that SMILE, snapped by a friend - not only is this lucky, this is life changing! And this was only the beginning, the very first moment. I think the second photo here is the most precious thing I own. I’m so glad my friend got the shot, it touches my heart that he would look at me like that!!! The sweetness of this man is beyond words. Just look at that FACE!

    you ever love someone so much you thought your little heart was gonna break in two? i didn’t think so. you ever tried with all your heart and soul to get you lover back to you? i wanna hope so. baby did a bad bad thing, baby did a bad bad thing.

    Exclusive: There Will Be a ‘Hannibal’ Cookbook


    Exclusive: There Will Be a ‘Hannibal’ Cookbook

    ‘Hannibal’ executive producer Bryan Fuller says a cookbook with Hannibal Lecter’s recipes is on the way, along with a book featuring art from the show.

    Watching the TV series “Hannibal” is a mouth watering and stomach churning experience. Based on the Thomas Harris novels about Hannibal Lecter (previously turned into the Oscar-winning film The Silence of the Lambs), the show stars Mads Mikkelsen…

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    These days little bit busy because i had made some hannibal post cards…!

    This is  highschool student hannibal and will in my hannigram fanbook ‘wicked game’  :D

    What do you dream of, Will ?

    "They are breaking the law"


    [HANNIBAL] 2x05 Mukozuke – The return of Dr. Abel Gideon.

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