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  • "I wanted to investigate the way orderlies and other members of the workforce retreat or are beaten into the obscure, the forgotten, the overlooked, the under-appreciated, the interchangeable, the disrespected." Jonathan Tucker talks about his preparation for his role in NBC Hannibal. [x]


    Hannibal’s handy-dandy guide to unconventional weaponry in case of emergencies

    Mads as Jon Jensen in The Salvation (2014)


    Hannibal AU

     UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS AU - ASKED BY theteacupshatters

    "I know what you’re doing. Ever since you came into this school the student suicide rate has gone through the roof. A year doesn’t go by without someone leaping off a window or having a mental breakdown. You might be fooling everyone else, but you’re not fooling me, Professor Lecter."

    "…And you’re accusing me of pushing my students out of these windows?"

    "No. But you’re not holding them back either."

    "I simply wish to know you better, Will. It seems the infamy you desire to inflict upon me is already owned by your persona. The rest of the department doesn’t think too greatly of your personality. Perhaps you ought to sit through one of my classes. Philosophy can often heal the soul. Asking questions and doubting one’s self is very therapeutical. But knowledge may also overwhelm those who do not know how to use it. When most objects are put under too much pressure they tend to snap.”

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