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    hes sat literally right next to the thing hes using a laser pointer to point at


    Manhunter 1986 | Red Dragon 2002 | Red Dragon (novel) 1981

    The telephone rang eight times before it was picked up.
    "Linda King’s desk."
    “Hi, Linda?”
    “Linda doesn’t come in on Saturday.”
    Dr. Lecter had counted on that. “Maybe you could help me, if you don’t mind. This is Bob Greer at Blaine and Edwards Publishing Company. Dr. Bloom asked me to send a copy of the Overholser book, The Psychiatrist and the Law, to Will Graham, and Linda was supposed to send me the address and phone number, but she never did.”
    "I’m just a graduate assistant, she’ll be in on Mon-"
    “I have to catch Federal Express with it in about five minutes, and I hate to bother Dr. Bloom about it at home because he told Linda to send it and I don’t want to get her in hot water. It’s right there in her Rolodex or whatever. I’ll dance at your wedding if you’ll read it to me.”
    “She doesn’t have a Rolodex.”
    “How about a Call Caddy with the slide on the side?”
    “Be a darling and slide that rascal and I won’t take up any more of your time.”
    “What was the name?”
    “Graham. Will Graham.”


    The Seven Sins of Hannibal ~ Wrath


    More Nigel/Luke stuff :)

    Just so you know, Nigel is from <The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman> by Mads Mikkelsen, and Luke is from <The Confession of a Shopaholic> by Hugh Dancy.

    And sorry for the poor English if you thought the words are weird or so. I tried my best but… ( ´・‿・`)

    Therapy is an acquired taste I have yet to acquire.




      // life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage - and then is heard no more. //

    william shakespeare / macbeth 

    jack says a lot of things….

     ’Hannibal s3 teaser’ in the De Laurentiis Co October newsletter

    But I know who I am.
    My name is Will Graham, and I am alive.

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